Sunday, December 9, 2007

How time flies

Well, Its been one week since my marriage experience (Vacation) ended. This is my first and only marriage. This is something I don't know anything about. We have been together for 10 years to the day and we finally got married officially on Nov 17th. This was opening day of gun hunting deer season but since it was are anniversary, I can give up one opening day. I got a deer during archery season so I didn't stress too much over that anyways.
We went to Jamaica after and had a ceremony there as well because that was her real dream, "To be married on the sand." Nine days there total was awesome. We shut off phones , computers and everything and just focused on each other. It was like dating for the first time all over again. It was a really special experience for me. I am pretty sure she will never forget these past two weeks either(least I hope so).

The vacation feels like its been over forever. Returning to work and catching up on all the work I enjoyed missing was, as usual, a hassle but I had new energy from my recharging. We went to her parents last night and relived it all in the form of pictures and movies. The wedding itself actually feels like ages ago and seeing it again made us smile together.

She had an extra week of vacation. Her work is so demanding and draining that she doesn't really have time to do housework, but this week she really put a lot of time into the home and our lives. Its really special to me to see her take some kind of ownership of her life with me. I will be sad to see it go when she goes back to work but I will have to make a hell of a lot more money if I expect her to be a full time house-wife. I don't think she could handle that anyways, I think she will always work, at least part time, just to keep herself busy.

We have been DINKs up to this point (Dual income, no kids) but are looking forward to having a bun in the oven soon. I have seen so many horror children and bad situations that it makes me a little afraid, but then I think about all the sweet and tender moments watching them develop and I don't want to miss those things. It was a hard choice to make but the 'sow his seed, leave a legacy, make some kind of difference' ideas really won out for me. I just hope I offer my child all there is and can guide them to make good decisions. I hope I know when to be firm and when to let them define themselves with their own choices. All things in due time but for now, the making part is fun.

Cooking some turkey for dinner since we passed on thanksgiving in lieu of our wedding. I think I increased my communication skills today by discussing what my wife expected for the day and laying out my plans so we could figure out how they could work together. Now all I have to do is follow through on what we discussed and I will gain some xp and wife faction (This is a gamer joke/figure of speech, some will get it some will think I am weird. O well). As long as I don't eat so much tonight, I will likely get some more baby making time tonight! woot.... (Note to self, Get some wine while out, and don't drink it all... Let her drink it)

Peace all, That's my thoughts for today.

Friday, December 7, 2007

First Words

Welcome to my blog. I am new to this and didn't really think anyone would ever give a crap to read stuff people had to say but this seems to be super popular so I figured I didn't want to be all old news and stuff and am giving it a try.

If I knew will likely be the babbling of a man, still early in life (36) who feels hes experienced a lot but doesn't feel like he has used the things he knows or realizes to be important. Not sure how I can parlay it into making money but that thought is rolling around in my head as well.

Anyways. keeping the first one short and sweet. Welcome. No specific schedule or anything I will just post when I feel I have something to say.